From Clean City to Green City

We want to promote more than just a Clean City in Newport, but a Green City. The goal of Green City is to focus on ways we can become a more sustainable city and a more sustainable entity in the State of Rhode Island.

Some ways YOU CAN HELP Newport on its path to becoming Green, is to eliminate waste through reducing, reusing and recycling:

How to REDUCE?

  • Switching from bottled water to refillable water containers will eliminate tons of waste from plastic production and the resources it takes to recycle these bottles.

  • Buy larger, economy sized products; they use less packaging and cost less per ounce.

  • Limit use of disposable plates, cups, napkins, razors and lighters. They take up space, fill up the landfill, and you have to buy them again and again.

  • Put a stop to junk mail. Get off the list of catalogs and promotional mailers that typically go straight from the mail slot to the recycling bin.

  • Think twice about what you print from your computer. If you must print, print double-sided.

  • What can you fix or share with someone else that you may not want anymore? Books? Appliances? Furniture? Reduce waste by fixing, sharing, donating and making items last longer!

  • Bring your own reusable grocery bags to the store. Say “no, thank you’’ to a bag if you have only one item. If you do receive a plastic bag, reuse it at home as a trash liner or bring it back to the store for recycling.

  • Coffee & tea drinkers unite: save some money with your favorite barista by bringing your own mug.

How to REUSE?

  • Reuse products for the same purpose, like paper bags and plastic bags.

  • Reuse products for new purposes. Turn that plastic butter tub into storage for nails and screws.

  • Let someone else reuse it. Sell old clothes, appliances, toys, and furniture. Even your cell phone can be sold or donated.

  • Free cycle. Your trash may be another’s treasure. See what you may be able to give away, like that air conditioner or grill that still works, but is being replaced.

  • What you can’t sell: donate! There are many wonderful organizations in Newport and Rhode Island that need your gently used items to help the people that they serve.


  • Our cart-based collection system makes it easy to recycle and reduces waste management costs. To learn more about how and what to recycle in Rhode Island please visit

  • Clean City offers Special Event Recycling Days to help you clean out those harder to recycle items. Check out the events page for upcoming events.

  • Hazardous waste recycling events are run by RIRRC and any resident of Rhode Island can bring household hazardous waste to these events free of charge. Check out their website and ask for upcoming ECO-DEPOT events:

Other ways you can make a difference in greening Newport is through Green transportation options:

  • Newport is probably one of the most “walking-friendly” cities in New England. Built during the colonial era, its streets were designed for close commuting with many houses tightly packed together. It makes for a beautiful stroll any time season, so enjoy the city the way it was meant to be seen – on foot!
  • Jump on a bike - For every mile pedaled rather than driven, nearly 1 pound of CO2 is avoided. Check out Bike Newport for rentals, tours and biker information at
  • Getting around Newport via public transportation is easy and green – Newport’s public transportation hub is the Visitors information center at 23 America’s Cup Avenue in downtown Newport. RIPTA provides trolley and bus service to attractions throughout Newport and beyond. Check out for more information.

Let’s work together to make Newport not only CLEAN, but GREEN!