Our Programs

Curbside Collections

  • Weekly Curbside Collection is available to residential dwellings with a limitation on units per property. Each eligible household has been issued one set of city-issued carts, including one recycling cart and one trash cart. City-sponsored collection is not provided to properties serviced by a commercial collection container or dumpster.
  • Businesses within a Residential Dwelling are not entitled to City sponsored collection. Collection service is provided to residential units only. All businesses must hire a private contractor for collection.



Missed Collections

  • If you want to report a missed collection (recycling, trash, yard debris or bulky item), please wait to report it until 4pm on your collection day. You may then call Waste Management’s Customer Service Line at (401)847-0230 to properly report it. Please make sure your carts are properly placed with no violations (ex: construction and demolition debris in carts or being blocked by an obstacle, etc).
  • For the most up to date yard debris and holiday calendar, please click 2018 HOLIDAY & YARD WASTE CALENDAR or visit city hall for a hard copy.