Clean City Carts Program

  • Residents are not permitted to use personal carts for trash and recycling curbside collection in the current program. You are required to use the carts that the city has issued to each household. Using city issued carts will ensure that trucks are able to properly empty carts. If any trash or recycling is put out in a non-city issued cart, items will not be picked up. Leaf and yard waste can be placed in personal carts for curbside collection. Nothing larger than a 32 gallon barrel with a weight limit of 50 pounds is accepted. There is a weekly limit of 20 bags and/or barrels of leaf and yard debris. 2018 HOLIDAY & YARD WASTE CALENDAR
  • All waste streams must be securely stored between collections and put out in carts on your collection day. Bulky items require pre-paid stickers and an appointment to be made for collection. Yard debris must be placed in either bags or barrels. Carts and barrels must be taken off the curb after your collection day and cannot sit out until another collection. Seasonal residents or residents on vacation should kindly ask a neighbor to take in empty carts and barrels or hire a property management company to ensure this task takes place. Non-compliance could result in a fine from the zoning department.
  • Recyclable items should fit into your cart with the lid firmly closed. Recyclables should not be contained in plastic bags. They should be loose inside the cart.
  • All regular house hold garbage must be bagged and placed in the cart with the lid firmly closed. Please do not place concrete, hot ashes, construction and demolition debris or hazardous waste in the cart.

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