Overflow Trash Program

The Overflow Trash Program is a way to dispose of extra trash which may be generated by residents during the course of the year. During certain periods of the year, such as holidays and large gatherings when residents produce extra trash which will not fully be contained in the city provided carts, residents can take advantage of this easy and economical option.

This program allows the resident to purchase specially colored and marked 33 gallon plastic trash bags to supplement carts at a handful of local retailers. Bags will be sold in rolls of 5 for $12. With overage items, residents are first asked to recycle and compost as much as possible before sending items to the landfill.

Bags can be purchased at

  • CVS Pharmacy - 181 Bellevue Avenue
  • 7-Eleven – 95 Broadway
  • Cumberland Farms – 125 Broadway
  • One Stop Building Supply – 236 Connell Highway
  • Stop & Shop – 250 Bellevue Avenue
  • Stop & Shop – 199 Connell Highway
  • Newport Hardware - 1 Casino Terrace

This store list is subject to change, so please call store location to confirm bag availability.

A few important things to remember:

  • Always use your trash cart 1st – ONLY use overflow bags when your cart is full
  • These bags are not to be used for bulky items – they can ONLY be used for additional bagged trash
  • These bags are for trash only – No recyclables, yard, construction or hazardous materials accepted
  • Each bag mush be securely closed and tied
  • These bags must be placed on top of your trash cart
  • These bags must be placed on top of your trash cart

Extra Recycling

If you cannot fit all of your recycling into the recycling cart provided and you cannot portion the items over a few weeks, you have the option of bringing single stream recyclables to the WM Transfer Station for free if you are a resident of Newport (owner or renter). If you are a homeowner, make sure to bring your water bill or property tax bill with a government issued ID. Renters will need an electric bill or lease with your government issued ID to use this service. (Link to Transfer Station)