Program Issues/FAQs

Lost or Stolen Carts

For any lost or stolen carts, we ask that residents perform a 7 day visual search to make sure a neighbor did not accidentally take them or they did not get moved down the street during a storm. Once you have completed this search, and if you have not found your carts, you are required to file a police report with The Newport Police Department:


You may email in order to get your lost/stolen cart numbers. Once an official report has been filed, it will be reviewed internally and you will be contacted regarding delivery if approved.

You may email in order to get your lost/stolen cart numbers.

Illegal Dumping/Graffiti

As illegal dumping and defacing property is against the law, please notify the Newport Police Department immediately to report these types of activity. If you witness these activities in progress, please try to call immediately so a car can be dispatched. When calling, please provide as much information as possible so proper investigations can follow, which will hopefully lead to a deterrence of this type of activity. * Clean City can only remove graffiti from city property * If graffiti is on privately owned property, please contact the appropriate owner of that property for removal.

The Newport Police Department:


For Noncompliance Violations

If someone has left their trash or recycling outside of their carts or has left a bulk waste item without proper program sticker(s) on the curb next to their residence for over 48 hours, zoning can be contacted as this is considered a non-compliance violation which could result in fines. If you would like to report a zoning violation, please contact The Zoning Department:


Construction and Demolition Debris

Work Done by Contractors: This is a reminder that all waste generated as a result of work done by contractors is considered commercial waste and its disposal is the responsibility of the hired contractor.

Any waste resulting from work done by private contractors is not eligible for City provided collection service. This includes waste from construction, electrical or plumbing work, landscape installations or tree work done by private contractors.

Bricks, concrete blocks, rocks, dirt and other heavy inert materials are not eligible for City provided service. Local businesses such as Mello Construction or the JAM Materials yard typically accept these materials, free of charge. Please contact them directly for details.