Self-Service Recycling Drop Off Area

Location: 80 Halsey Street, Newport RI

Self-service hours for certain items: Books, Clothing/Textiles, Cardboard, Scrap Metal (small metal items, no larger than a grill) – Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Please come within the posted hours no appointment necessary. NO hazardous waste and NO illegal dumping allowed. Surveillance is in use. If your item does not fall into any of these categories, we CANNOT accept it. If items are still useable please give it to a family member, friend or find an appropriate donation option. WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT ELECTRONICS FOR RECYCLING AT CITY YARD.

Scrap metal

  • All scrap metal accepted cannot be larger than a grill and must fit in the allotted space at the self-service drop off area .

Clothing and textiles

  • All different types of clothing and textiles are accepted by BBBSOS. Any textile that is dry and clean can be placed IN the clothing bin on site. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PLACED INSIDE THE BIN. ITEMS CANNOT BE PLACED OUTSIDE.


  • Books are accepted by Discover Books and should be in good condition with no mildew. Magazines and phone books are not accepted, however DVDs and VHS are, and can be placed IN the book bins on site. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PLACED INSIDE THE BIN. ITEMS CANNOT BE PLACED OUTSIDE.


  • Cardboard can be placed IN the WM Green and Yellow “cardboard only” recycling dumpster at the corner of the building. Cardboard must be flattened and placed IN the dumpster. No other material will be accepted. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PLACED INSIDE THE BIN. ITEMS CANNOT BE PLACED OUTSIDE.

Items that require assistance

Motor Oil & Filters – Monday-Friday 7:00am – 3:15pm (if no staff is available at The Clean City Office, please report to the front office at Public Services Streets & Sidewalks Division for direction – hours may vary – please check the website or call ahead to make sure staff is available to assist).

Motor oil

  • Motor oil recycling requires city staff assistance and is recommended you call in advance for an appointment Monday- Friday 7am-3:15pm. Oil must not be mixed with any other substance such as water or antifreeze. There is a 5 gallon limit per resident per visit and a valid ID must be shown. NO COMMERCIAL MOTOR OIL ACCEPTED.