Current Projects

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Drainage Investigation and Flood Analysis Projects

    Whitwell Avenue Area Watershed – Identifying Mitigation Measures The drainage watershed that encompasses Whitwell Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods has been experiencing an increase in street flood events during rain events of high intensity. The storm drainage system in the area discharges into the Moat at Ellery Road. The City is conducting a drainage investigation and flood analysis…
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Archived Projects

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2016 Elections

The 2016 elections are less than a month away! There are many tools you can use to be an informed voter and citizen on a local, statewide and national level, even after you’ve registered.
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strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of defining a strategy and the associated goals and objectives to formulate a plan providing direction for prioritizing and decision-making to effectively allocate personnel and resources.   The City of Newport has initiated a strategic planning process to align City services and projects with community needs, building on the current Strategic Plan and updating it…
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City of Newport Employees - Recognition

2015 City of Newport Employee Recognition

For the past nineteen years, The City of Newport has reserved Friday, February 22 to pay tribute to the fine public employees of our City for their dedicated and excellent service to the citizens and visitors of our beautiful City by the Sea. The City of Newport recognized sixty-two municipal employees who reached service milestones and achievements during the 2015…
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Newport Health Equity Zone Logo

The Newport Health Equity Zone Project

The Newport Health Equity Zone project is a place-based initiative focusing on the North End and Broadway neighborhoods. The Newport-HEZ project is focused on 6 main areas that impact health: transportation, arts and culture, open space, physical and emotional health, education innovation and economic opportunities and food access. By focusing on these 6 areas, we hope to ensure that our…
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Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project Renderings

Broadway Project

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), in partnership with the City of Newport, announced on April 15, 2015 that work begin on the Broadway Streetscape Improvement Project, a $5.8 million contract with Cardi Corporation to resurface the roadway and upgrade pedestrian facilities. The project is designed using Complete Streets principles; the state’s Complete Streets Law requires that all federal- and…
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Innovate Newport - Business Hub - Sheffield School

Technology Business Incubator and Accelerator

A new, exciting business hub is being created in Newport, RI. It’s called the InnovateNewport. It entails the re-purposing and redevelopment of the Sheffield School, an idle City-owned public school property, as an innovative technology accelerator and flex space. It’s a model of public/private sector collaboration and visionary community economic development.  For more information click here
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Birdseye View of Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Innovation Hub

The vision for the Newport Innovation Hub is to create a global scientific, technological and convening center that focuses on resilience, ocean and defense technologies that include: applied oceanographic research defense/cyber applications environmental technology alternative energy emerging digital industries community resilience The project takes advantage of the City’s history, location, beauty and diverse community to produce a fertile environment for “dependable…
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Newport Spring Tree Planting Program

The City of Newport is now accepting applications for the 2016 season! You can download your application here. For additional information and to get the application for 2016 sent to you when it is available, contact Carol Bowman at
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2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program

The 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) proposed planning document, which provides a realistic and predictable projection for the cost of providing facilities and equipment to meet service needs, has been released. Capital improvements include facilities, infrastructure (road, water, sewer and bridge), major equipment replacement, land purchase or large asset acquisition. Please note that any documents included in the PDF are…
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Newport Pet Pickup Program

Newport loves its pets and pets love Newport! Walking through the City’s parks or fields on any given day, you will see dogs (and sometimes cats) of all shapes and sizes enjoying the open spaces with their owners. In order to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of our parks, free pet waste bags to pick up the refuse your pet…
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America’s Cup Avenue and Memorial Boulevard RIDOT Construction

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has been working on high-benefit, low-cost improvements to just under one mile of America's Cup Avenue and Memorial Boulevard in the City of Newport. This area of the City that has seen tremendous growth over the years, and this stretch of roadway in particular typically serves 10,500 vehicles per day, along with a…
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Project update streetscape improvements

Thames & Spring Streetscape Improvements Project

The City of Newport has embarked on a major initiative to plan for the future of Thames and Spring Streets.  These streets serve as vital corridors for transporting people, goods, and services and provide a rich sense of history through building architecture, quaint storefronts, and access to the waterfront. They are a lifeline for the many businesses along the street…
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Newport Environment Aware Project

Environment Aware

The Newport ENVIRONMENT AWARE! Program takes our historic SEA AWARE program to a new level, covering a wide range of hazardous natural events for which our city must be constantly prepared. Specifically, the ENVIRONMENT AWARE! Program is tied to the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan which sets forth guidelines for short term and long-term actions, which will reduce the actual or…
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UHSEC Input Project

The Unified High School Exploratory Committee Input Project

The Unified High School Exploratory Committee wishes to learn Middletown and Newport residents’ concerns and questions regarding Middletown and Newport school consolidation at any level—from Pre-K through Grade 12.  Relevant areas include implementation issues, student and education program changes, financial impacts, and any other topics that you believe are pertinent. As unification of the Newport and Middletown high schools and/or school systems…
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