2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program

The 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) proposed planning document, which provides a realistic and predictable projection for the cost of providing facilities and equipment to meet service needs, has been released. Capital improvements include facilities, infrastructure (road, water, sewer and bridge), major equipment replacement, land purchase or large asset acquisition. Please note that any documents included in the PDF are for planning purposes only, and are not financial documents.

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CIP Planning Document

The CIP Planning (searchable PDF) document provides a realistic and predictable projection for the cost of providing facilities and equipment to meet service needs for the City of Newport. Capital…


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  • Mike Cullen

    I understand that city staff is busy drafting the next iteration of the CIP. Is there any established, open, transparent process by which Newport residents and other community stakeholder can formally submit their CIP requirements at the front-end of this process? Many have said that the current process is ad-hoc, opaque, and relies on “you-know-a-guy” connections with city staff.

  • Mike Cullen

    1. This is yet another city PDF that’s not word searchable (a lament for the last 5+ years) which makes it very hard for a citizen to home-in on info of interest.

    2. This is yet another CIP cycle where citizen input is not part of a formal process at the front-end when requirements/needs are vetted. This was a recommendation made when Ed Lavallee was city manager. The current city process screams to the world “Citizen-level Input Not Valued.”

    3. What large capital asset purchases might be candidates to be shared with other town governments? A 2017 purchase of a $950,000 fire ladder truck comes to mind.

    4. How about a $750K CIP placeholder for new equipment in 2017 to replace the antique equipment at the Newport Area Career & Tech Center, an important part of the island’s economic engine?

    • Pat Fay

      Mr. Cullen: The 2016-2020 CIP document on the City’s website has been converted to searchable pdf format; the corresponding document on the Engage Newport microsite will be converted shortly as well. A Public Hearing on the CIP was held at the February 11 Council Meeting and an additional Public Hearing is scheduled for the March 11 meeting. Your suggestion on shared large capital assets will be taken under advisement. Your suggestion on the Newport Area Career & Tech Center equipment should be forwarded to the Newport School Department for consideration. Thank you.