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The Newport ENVIRONMENT AWARE! Program takes our historic SEA AWARE program to a new level, covering a wide range of hazardous natural events for which our city must be constantly prepared.

Specifically, the ENVIRONMENT AWARE! Program is tied to the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan which sets forth guidelines for short term and long-term actions, which will reduce the actual or potential loss of life or property from hazardous events such as winter storms, flooding, thunderstorms, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes.

On January 21, 2016  Paul Carroll, Director of Civic Investment for the City of Newport presented at the State House to the House Commission on Economic Risk Due to Flooding and Sea Rise.  The link below  is the full one hour proceedings which includes his presentation as well as one by Melissa Barker, GIS Coordinator, Department of Civic Investment, City of Newport on what is at risk in Newport and other Rhode Island communities due to flooding and sea level rise.  The link can be found on the RICapTV link below by searching the date title. Link to CapitalTV











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Sea Aware Resources

This page has maps, and other resources which details the research that has been done, to date, on rising sea levels in particular for the Newport, Rhode Island area. Download…

Sea Aware Events

Details about the upcoming meetings, and what will be discussed can be found here.
flood insurance program

National Flood Insurance Program

While there’s a large attraction to living in Newport due to easy access to multiple beaches and to waterfront views, all it takes is one severe storm like Hurricane Irene…
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Sea Aware – Rising Sea Level Experiences

Explore a photo gallery of local rising sea level experiences.


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