Newport Innovation Hub

The vision for the Newport Innovation Hub is to create a global scientific, technological and convening center that focuses on resilience, ocean and defense technologies that include:

  • applied oceanographic research
  • defense/cyber applications
  • environmental technology
  • alternative energy
  • emerging digital industries
  • community resilience

The project takes advantage of the City’s history, location, beauty and diverse community to produce a fertile environment for “dependable and science-based” applied research for the benefit of coastal communities nationwide.

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The Vision

To read about Newport's Integrated Resilience click The Vision icon.
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Newport Innovation Hub Q+A

A PDF document that answers questions that were addressed during early planning steps.
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Open House

For details on future and past open houses and workshops for the Newport Innovation Hub, click here.
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Newport Innovation Hub Infographic

Learn more about the Newport Innovation Hub program by downloading and viewing this infographic PDF.


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